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**Please consult your medical provider before participating in any physical activity program to be sure this kind of movement is right for you! Most of these classes and programs require you to be able to move from the floor to a standing position and back to the floor. If you are limited in your mobility, please consider and start with my Chair Movement & Yoga Class.
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  • increase flexibility & stability

  • improve posture & body awareness

  • strengthen bones & muscles

  • help reduce chronic pain

  • improve sleep

  • reduce stress & anxiety

  • lower stress levels

  • reduce blood pressure

  • improve energy

  • boost immunity

  • and so much more!

Need to know the benefits of a yoga practice? Check out these reasons for how yoga and movement might help you...

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...and I'm passionate about helping you live your healthiest, happiest, most fulfilling life! One way to help get you there is through movement, so thank you very much for wanting to do yoga with me! Because of my health challenges, I am uniquely qualified to help you navigate your own issues so you will be able to have a safe and successful Y:O.G.A. practice. 


You will see "Y:O.G.A." sprinkled throughout the descriptions of the classes that I offer. Y:O.G.A. = Yahweh: One. God. Always. Without Him I would not be able to do what I am doing and I am forever grateful.


Pam here!

All Services Delivered Online ~ Virtual Studio

  • All classes are held using Zoom. Instructions and links will be shared with you so you will have a safe and successful practice.
  • PARTICIPANTS WILL NEED: A device with a microphone and camera such as a laptop computer, tablet, or phone that will enable instruction interaction. Some participants connect their device to a TV set for larger viewing.

Training & Credentials​

  • 32 years as an adapted and physical education teacher
  • E-RYT 500 (a fancy name for an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with 500 hours of training and over 3000 hours of teaching)
  • 6 + years of yoga teaching experience (well over 3000 hours of teaching)
  • Lifetime of experience working through my own body challenges like bilateral knee replacements, carpal tunnel, ACL repair, IT Band and Achilles tendon issues
  • CFC - Certified Flexibility Coach
Yoga Studio
  • SAVE $$ - JOIN THE MEMBERSHIP: Functional Body Basics with Pam: Online Y:O.G.A. Membership - monthly membership, cancel any time $50/month OR $120/3 months
    By participating in the Functional Body Basics with Pam: Y:O.G.A. Membership, you will have: Unlimited access to live classes and access to previously recorded classes: Live class times don't work for you? You will be given access to the recorded video library of all class offerings Take a class when it is convenient for you and works with your schedule Classes To Access Include: Power/HIIT*/Flexibility - faster paced breath and flow with intentional flexibility focus at the end of class - rotate focus between back, hamstrings, and hips Monday and Thursday 7a CST 75 minutes *HIIT = high intensity interval training - 4 X 6 rounds of 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off to boost cardio Simply Power - power yoga class (often includes HIIT*) Saturdays 7a CST 60-75 minutes Yoga Body Basics - slower pace breath and flow for balance, strength, and flexibility with adaptations and modifications suggested for personal success - I'll help you meet yourself right where you are Tuesday and Friday 9am CST 45-60 minutes S.O.S. Flexibility - targeted mobility training that involves long-hold stretches; intentional focus on increasing flexibility in one of three areas: back, hamstrings, or hips Tuesdays 5 pm CST 45-60 minutes Chair Movement & Yoga - no transitions from the floor to the chair and few transitions from the chair to standing positions Tuesdays 10am CST 45-55 minutes PLEASE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO REGISTER FOR THE MEMBERSHIP
  • NOT NEW TO YOGA:  Power/HIIT/Flexibility Practices: MON/THU/SAT @7am CST - 75 min - $5/class
    This Power Yoga class is great for those with previous yoga experience who need a challenge. A 4 minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is included in this faster-paced class. Linking breath and vigorous movements creates an energizing flow that focuses on building heat, strength, balance, and flexibility. The last 15 minutes of each class utilizes Science of Stretching™ (SOS) Yoga to intentionally focus on increasing flexibility in one of three areas: back, hamstrings, and hips. Each class has a separate SOS Yoga focus encompassing 3 principles: wet noodle, 4-8 ha breath, & time under passive tension. Modifications and amplifications will be offered during class to personalize this whole body workout. PLEASE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO REGISTER FOR THE POWER/HIIT/FLEXIBILITY CLASS
  • ALL LEVELS: Y:O.G.A. Body Basics ~ Building Strength, Balance, & Flexibility: TUE/FRI @ 9a CST - 45-60 min - $5/class
    Yoga Body Basics is great for those who are just beginning a yoga practice or for those who need a slower flow type of class. We will link breath and movement to create a flow that focuses on building strength, balance, and flexibility. Modifications and the utilization of props will be used during class to personalize this whole body workout so that your yoga practice fits your needs. PLEASE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO REGISTER FOR THE YOGA BODY BASICS CLASS
  • LIMITED MOBILITY: Chair Movement & Yoga Practice: TUE @10am CST - 45-50 min - $5/class
    This Chair Movement and Yoga class is uniquely and safely designed for those with balance, fall risk, and mobility challenges (Parkinson's, joint replacement, visually impaired, and others). Participants who need an assistive device (walker, cane, wheelchair, or others) are encouraged to attend as there will be no transitions between chair-to-floor or chair-to-standing movements. Participants will be encouraged to move and stretch their bodies to the best of their ability and participate in breathing exercises to increase lung function. We will use a variety of household items and props to enhance movement, enjoy a laugh or two, and discover the best way to move that is right for your body. PLEASE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO REGISTER FOR THE CHAIR MOVEMENT & YOGA CLASS
  • ALL LEVELS: S.O.S.™ Flexibility Practice: TUE @ 4:00p CST - 45-60 min - $5/class
    Science of Stretching™ (SOS) Yoga is a flexibility class, targeting mobility training that involves long-hold stretches. Poses are practiced as completely relaxed as possible so gravity does most of the work. This class is meant to supplement, not replace, other forms of yoga or exercise and each week we will intentionally focus on increasing flexibility in one of three areas: back, hamstrings, or hips with each class having a separate SOS Yoga focus. The three principles utilized during class include wet noodle, 4:8 breathing, and time under passive tension. Props and other equipment will be encouraged for use during class. Classes are 45-60 minutes long. PLEASE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO REGISTER FOR THE SOS FLEXIBILITY CLASS
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Pam has an amazing ability to sense what her yoga students need each day, and to match her practice to the needs of the group. No two yoga sessions are the same. She keeps an eye on each student’s movements and gives positive guidance to the group without pointing out or correcting individuals’ imperfections. Yoga with Pam always includes new challenges and familiar elements that leave me feeling energized and balanced.

~Leslie T~

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